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Learn about the astounding bars in Concert Square Liverpool

All the best bars in Concert Square Liverpool to visit in 2023

When choosing a place for an after work drink, a few drinks with your friend groups small or large, to celebrate a stag or hen do, or any other type of occasion that involves drinking, Concert Square Liverpool has a bar, pub or club to suit pretty much everyone. Those wishing to watch a huge live sports event in the city will be right at home here, with many venues having a large amount of screens and space to watch from. Those wanting to dance and party, or celebrate an event of their own, will find everything they need in Concert Square Liverpool, from booth packages to clubrooms.

There are a huge amount of venues in this area of the city of Liverpool, each with their own theme and unique appeal. They offer their own types of cocktails, beers and some even serve food of varying cuisines. Take a quick look through this short overview on every bar, pub or club in the area to make sure you get the most out of your visit here. If you would like a short bar crawl in the area, please check out our 5 bar edition here.

#1 Einstein Bier Haus

If you like beer, especially those from Germany and other European countries, then Einstein Bier Haus is the one for you. They have a great selection of beers, ciders and cocktails to enjoy here in this large 2 floor venue with accompanying beer garden. You can enjoy all the best live sports on one of MANY screens inside or outside in the sun (or under the retractable roof, if it’s raining). They also have live music which can be viewed on the lower floors. If you’re hungry, take a look at the impressive food menu full interesting meals that match perfectly with a beer.



#2 Boston Pool Loft

Located above our #3 in this blog, Boston Pool Loft is an impressively sized pool house that features loads of different table games including snooker, British pool, darts and new for 2023 – FOOT-POOL! It’s also a great place to drink and watch live sports on their various screens. Find more information about Boston Pool Loft below.



#3 McCooley’s Concert Square

The smaller of the two McCooley’s venues, McCooley’s Concert Square Liverpool is extremely popular every day of the week, serving the same food and drink menus as their Mathew Street location. They have huge screens for live sports and big events, live music and a very popular pub quiz. Fancy a game? There’s shuffleboard and pool tables within!

For food, they serve breakfasts, Sunday roasts, Irish classics and pub grub. For drinks, a huge range of beers, cocktails and spirits. This location tends to be very popular with students and can be totally full on weekends. There is some outdoor seating that’s in front of SOHO, however it is limited and is removed on the busier days to allow for queueing.




A Liverpool staple for nights out and partying in the city, MODO is a premiere nightclub with multiple venues under one roof. There is a ton of amazing cocktails you can enjoy here and many themed nights throughout the week, some you may need tickets to get in. If that’s not all, there’s rooftop seating available and private lounges you can book for a VIP experience. Every night out needs a club that supplies great music and live DJ’s, MODO has no shortage of both.

They have an impressive outdoor seating area, perfect for the sun and Shisha, too!


#5 Cheers

Cheers Big Ears is a new addition in Concert Square compared to the other venues and is the old home of Craft Chandler. They have a great in door space and a pretty decent outdoor seating area, too. They server food (mainly pizza) and drinks daily, and you can find deals on both on their website. Upstairs you will find Tops Dart Club which features interactive smart boards that you can book and play whilst drinking with your mates.

This is also another place where you can watch live sports in the area, with many screens and seating space inside.



#6 The Lime Kiln – Wetherspoon’s

One of the MANY Wetherspoons in Liverpool, this is possibly the biggest and busiest of them all. The Lime Kiln has everything people love about any other Spoons, cheap drinks, cheap food and deals throughout the week. There is a ton of seating space and table service via the app. Although similar to the others in most ways, this Spoons is the only one to feature live DJ’s and live sports (that you can listen to). It’s also an extremely popular student bar, which tends to attract 100’s daily.

Undoubtedly a great place to start any night before heading in to the party venues of Concert Square, grab yourself a pitcher of various cocktails, world beers and much more!



Probably the most popular place to grab a cocktail in the city, SOHO is a city staple for drinking and nightlife. The hugely popular outdoor seating space opposite McCooley’s attracts masses of people throughout the week, especially in the hot weather. If it’s raining, there’s a retractable roof that keeps the place sheltered.

They serve an amazing menu of cocktails and other drinks, and there is also shisha available to order to you table. Inside you will find their exclusive club room, open until the early hours of the morning.  Concert Square can become extremely busy especially in SOHO on the busier event days and weekends, so make sure to get their early as you may have to queue!


#8 LEVEL Nightclub

Although technically on Fleet Street and not in the Square, LEVEL nightclub is typically part of the whole nightlife in the area, and is right next door to Einstein’s.

Featuring THREE floors full of state of the art lighting and various music genres from House and Electro, to Hip-Hop and Pop. LEVEL is one of the biggest nightclub’s in the city centre of Liverpool and has a multitude of booth & drinks packages you can book to make your night an amazing experience.

There are a ton of ticketed events going on here, which are purchased mainly through Fatsoma. They do tend to sell door tickets to most of their events however, if there’s room on their normally super busy nights.



If you walk down the various roads that link to Concert Square Liverpool, you will find yourself no end of other venues to enjoy. However, having so many venues in one area makes it easy to organise a drink or night out without wandering off too far! Many of the places here take bookings and other have various packages you can take advantage of, please visit their respective websites to see details.

When Liverpool FC are playing, especially if they are at home, Concert Square Liverpool tends to get EXTREMELY busy. The atmosphere created in this area perfect for such events, especially in Einstein Bier Haus.

What are your favourite venues in this area? Comment Below!

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