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Concert Square Bar Crawl

Bar Crawl in Concert Square 2023 tl;dr

  • Einstein Bier Haus
  • MODO
  • Mccooley’s Concert Square
  • The Lime Kiln (Spoons)
  • Cheers (Big Ear’s)

Concert Square is one of most popular if not the very the most popular place to go for a drink in Liverpool. In this Square in the centre of town, between Bold Street and Fleet Street, you will find a ton of places to eat, drink and party on any given day.

With over 8 venues in the area, a pub crawl could fit into this place and you’ll never have to walk far between stops.

The venues in this area are as follows:

– McCooley’s
– Cheers Big Ears
– Einsteins
– Lime Kiln (Spoons)
– Boston Pool Loft
– Mulligans

If you want to include the very close nightclubs and other close proximity bars, then you have LEVEL, Electrik, Fusion and Yankees. This pub crawl however will not feature any of these additional places.

So, who is this pub crawl for? Everyone who enjoys cocktails and beers, although in terms of value for money – sticking to cocktails are probably your best bet as pints here are EXPENSIVE. There are happy hours at certain times in certain venues and cocktails are often 2-4-1 or 2-4-£ (~10) which you can use to your advantage, especially if you’re doing rounds with people. With all these venues next to each other, it’s pretty hard to pick a perfect starting location, and when it gets later in the day, the venues are most likely getting full. You will find it hard to get into SOHO on a hot summer’s day on a Saturday. That said, this pub crawl starts with a great place to meet up and set off. One last thing to mention is most of the venues here are open late, some until 4am – so finding the time to do the crawl here might be a lot easier than other places.

We like to do 5 venue pub crawls to keep it relatively short and totally doable. Add more venues at the end, change the starting location or add them in between.

Stop #1 – Einstein Bier Haus

As the name suggests, this venue is full of German beers, ciders and drinks from around Europe with the option of having them served as a stein!

There is a ton of seating downstairs along with pool tables and upstairs you’ll find even more seating, with booths and tables, and an outdoor terrace complete with heaters if it gets cold and a bar outside to get served from. Einstein’s serves German style food and often runs table service when it gets busy.

The upstairs tends to be the busiest at most times of day, even on cold days as there is outdoor heating. Starting this pub crawl here is a great idea if you plan to get food, although on numerous occasions in our experience, food has been stopped or not available so keep that in mind.

Enjoy a pint (or stein) of Spaten, Erdinger, Löwenbräu or another great European beer or cider!


Stop #2 – MODO

Some people tend to look at MODO and SOHO as the same place, and both outdoor seating only but they are very much different and indoor dancefloors and more. Moving on to MODO will probably lead you on to cocktails (and we recommend that) and if it’s sunny, sitting outdoors in the large open space.

Taking a look at the menu here – moving on to cocktails isn’t a bad idea at all – 2 4 £10 cocktails on weekdays and from £7 each on weekends. Assuming you’re sitting outside, shisha is also available on the square, with a food truck located on Fleet Street, next to Modo if you are wanting food here. Inside there is Paradise, a large seating area with a retractable roof.

They do of course serve beers on tap, bottled beers, ciders, wine and much more so if cocktails aren’t your pub crawl go to, there’s always many other options.


Stop #3 – Mccooley’s Concert Square

One of Liverpool’s most popular Irish Venues, McCooleys Concert Square is a huge venue full of events, drinks, music and serves great Irish food including breakfast.

This is one of two McCooleys in the city, the other being on Mathew Street, and like the other venue, boasts a lot of seating and has a lot of drinks to choose from. As it’s an Irish pub, the Guinness here tastes particularly good as they do throughout all Irish bars (probably totally mental). Don’t like Guinness? The drinks menu here is extensive to say the least, along with a cocktails menu if you plan on sticking to them from the previous stop.

Taking a look at the drink’s menu here  and the cocktail menu here,  you can see happy hours deals and cocktails available as pitchers. Choose something you like, if you are planning on following our recommendations and this crawl’s route though, choose something light because next stop is more cocktails!


Stop #4 – The Lime Kiln (Wetherspoons)

Most people might start a night out here rather than head here for their next spot. The drinks are many and are cheap, as is the food. For stop number 4, it is indeed Spoons – 2 floors with a large amount of seating, the choice to order whatever you like from your table and deals of pitchers. Not much to say about here really as everyone knows Spoons, you can check the menus on the mobile app or inside the venue. The ability to order from your table is really good though, but ordering from the bar might keep the pub crawls flow going. So order a couple pitchers of cocktails for around £10 or a bottle of the world beers, wine or whatever you want and head to the final spot!



Stop #5 – Cheer’s (Big Ears)

Weird name, great venue. This venue is new to 2022 and lies next to SOHO, in between Wood Street and Bold Street, accessible from both roads. This newly renovated bar has a great aesthetic and a large number of drinks to choose from with 2-4-1 (or other deal) cocktails in happy hour.

Upstairs you will find Top’s Dart Club with interactive dart boards and packages to go along with them, should you want to throw some darts after 4+ drinks (not a recommendation of course).

If the weather permits, you can sit outside in the outdoor area facing Coyote Ugly.


Head back into the Square to SOHO or to one of the nightclubs if you wish, depending on what time you head out!

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet pub crawl in Concert Square – There will be an updated longer version coming in 2023. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, leave a comment below!

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