Frequently asked questions


What is the use of the Liverpool Bars website?

This website has been designed to be a one stop shop for all venues in the City of Liverpool in terms of Pubs, clubs, bars and other places you can enjoy a drink.

What can be found here on the website?

You will find information about venues in Liverpool that serve alcohol which is divided into category or themes of venue. Here you can see menus, venue information including opening hours, and upcoming events.

Does Liverpool Bars provide any discounts at venues?

At this current time, we do not have any affiliations or discounts to any venues on our website. If this should change in the future, subscribing to our email updates will inform you as and when these are available.

Why is my favourite bar not on the directory?

We are trying to get every venue under one roof here. If a venue is missing, please let us know and we’ll get right on it. Some venues may not wish to be listed on this website for their own reasons.

Venue Owners/Managers:

How do we get our venues listed?

We endeavour to list all venues on the website in own free time. If you do not see your venue, please let us know using the contact form.

How can we advertise through Liverpool Bars?

Our homepage has a promoted and featured section which displays up to 4 venues that do not change each day like other sections of listed venues. To add a tag to your venue to feature here, please contact us for promotions. Featuring in the Featured and Promo sections of the homepage is priced from £5 per week/per venue.

If you have any events and things you would like advertised on your respective venue pages, the first 5 events are free of charge. Just send us an email on with what your events are, and any artwork you may have for it. If you need artwork creating for an event, please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

I do not wish to feature on this website, how can my venue be removed?

If for any reason you do not wish your venue to be listed on our directory, please give us a message and we will remove you right away.

Is there any other services Liverpool Bars can provide??

We also offer graphic design for events, posters and website design for venues that would like an updated website or a brand new one. Drop us a message