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A NEW Beer Garden Pub Crawl in Liverpool!

The Pub Crawl with pubs that have a Beer Garden in Liverpool tl;dr

  • Lady of Mann & Thomas Rigby’s
  • Tempest on Tithebarn
  • The Railway
  • Shenanigan’s and/or The Fall Wall
  • Celtic Corner

We all love a good pub crawl in Liverpool, but went the warmer weather is here, it’s so much better if you can enjoy it fully outdoors in a beer garden! Thankfully, Liverpool has enough bars with outdoor seating and beer gardens to satisfy pub crawls with small and large numbers of bars and pubs.

This pub crawl could be set in many different popular drinking locations – for this Liverpool pub crawl however we will be heading around the Castle Street & Dale Street venues before heading into the city centre! As you head into the city centre, you will of course pass multiple other bars on the way to the venues we suggest here. This pub crawl is limited to a total of 5 and finishes in Concert Square where there is multiple bars and pubs with outdoor seating and is a great place to finish up.

#1 – Lady of Mann & #2 Thomas Rigby’s

A connected first and second stop for the first two drinks of the pub crawl. Lady of Mann and Thomas Rigby’s both share a beer garden (to the rear of Thomas Rigby’s & in front of Lady of Mann).

Take your pick of which one to buy your first round but be sure to have one from each! The drinks do vary between the two venues even though they are sisters.

View more information about these venues:

#2 – Tempest on Tithebarn

Tempest on Tithebarn is located on the Tithebarn Street, the road behind Dale Street so is only a couple minutes walk. It’s a great place to eat, drink and socialise, from early morning caffeine and sugar fixes on the way to the office, to lunches with friends to after work drinks and late-night parties. As for the pub crawl, there is a large area outside the venue with long tables and smaller tables for everyone to enjoy. The beer here is more towards the premium end of beers and they serve cocktails!

#3 – The Railway

The Railway has a decent amount of outdoor seating available and is less than a minutes walk from Tempest! This traditional pub serves great beers and ales, has a cocktail menu and serves food. If there’s no room outside then head inside to enjoy the traditional pub interior design and depending on the day, there is also live music. The next bar is a few minutes from the Railway before heading back towards the city centre, so this makes a great place to stop and eat.

#4 – Shenanigan’s (Optional)

Although there is only a limited amount of outdoor space here, this relatively near by and is a great place to stop for a drink. Shenanigans is located on the end of Tithebarn Street and is considered the most genuine Irish bar in Liverpool. Serving great food and drinks, and an amazing pint of Guinness, head here before heading back into the city centre to continue the pub crawl. Check option 4.5 below to head straight towards the city centre from The Railway, as it’s a longer walk to go from Shenanigan’s!

#4 (or #5) – The Fall Well

Wetherspoon’s are plentiful in Liverpool, all with some kind of outdoor seating – The Fall Well will be your next stop as your reach the city centre. Most people are familiar with the menu at Spoons and there’s so much to choose from. A personal favourite for here are the selection of large bottled world beers such as Asahi or Singha! Or maybe have a pitcher (or 2) of one of the many cocktails on offer here. The beer garden/outdoor seating here makes up for the busy interior.

#5 (or #6) – The Celtic Corner

The Celtic Corner is a short 3-4minute walk from the Fall Well over on Ranelagh Street. This Irish bar has a fair amount of outdoor seating and as you head here you may want to dip into the bars such as the Sanctuary Bar or Lime Street Social on the way. There’s great beers & ales here, live sports and a large interior if it happens to be raining and a rodeo bull upstairs if you feel adventurous! The beer garden here get’s very busy on the weekends, as does the venue.


Finishing Up

With a total of 5 or 6 bars in this pub crawl, the next best stop to head for more outdoor bars has got to be Concert Square. There are a bunch of venues here such as Einstein Bier Haus, Soho, Modo and others in the area with a large space for your group.

Hope you enjoyed this one, it’s pretty spaced out but it takes you around quite some distance and will get you trying a variety of venues with a few options to fill in yourselves on the way through!

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